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Here are some answers to the most common questions that I have been asked ! 


Q. What is the difference between 'Edge Text' and 'Secret Message'  

A. Edge Text is engraved onto the face of the stamp and is visible in the sealing wax impression, a strong bold font is preferred, otherwise the text will not be deep enough or bold enough to show in the final wax impression. We do not recommend thin scripted fonts for the Edge Text.  The 'Secret Message' is engraved onto the curved back surface of the stamp, maybe some choice meaningful words, a date or anything you wish, it does not show up in the wax and is visible as you are using the stamp.   

Q. How do I get a wax seal stamp created for my own business or personal design? 

A. Firstly you need to send us your artwork (email:, please ensure if is either : jpg @ 300dpi black on white (at least half page size) or Vector AI, PDF, WMF, CDR, CMX, EPS format.  See full artwork instructions here : How to submit your design - we will then email you a price based on your submitted artwork - or recommend how it can be adapted if your design is not suitable.

Q.  I am using an Ipad - and cannot see all the information and pictures  - what do I do ? 

A.  Scroll down the the bottom of the page and switch to ' Standard View'  -  now the website will be fully visable. 

Q. How do I stop my wax seal sticking to the sealing wax as I use it ?

A. We suggest you keep you wax seal cold on wet ice (freeze some water in an thermos cup, and just put a drop on water top to stop the seal sticking to the ice) while you are sealing.  Dry your seal off on a piece of paper towel just before use.  Otherwise the stamp will get extremely hot during use and stick the sealing wax. 

Q. Help ! the sealing wax has stuck to my wax seal stamp and I don't know how to get it clean - what should I do?

A. We recommend you screw the seal off the handle, and soak the brass part in turpentine spirits,  make sure the room is well ventilated, leave the seal to soak overnight, you may need to repeat the process more than once.  We do not recommend you pick the wax out with a needle as this may damage the engraving. 

Q. Do You Ship WORLDWIDE? 

A. Yes we do, it is very easy to ship custom wax seals to the USA and everywhere else in the world, as the items concerned are so small - to ship a single wax seal costs approx £10.00 via Royal Mail Tracked Postal service.  VAT / taxes are not chargable on International orders and will not be added to your order. 

Q. How are we supposed to know what each font looks like? 

A. We have done our best to show the fonts available, by selecting the sample for that font, you are taken to a 'font sample page' which will show how every letter looks in that font - it is not possible to show every combination of letters, but at least this will give you an idea. 

Q. How do I know what the price would be in my own currency? 

A. We have included links on the right hand side of the page, to enable you to see prices in various currencies, if there is a currency not listed you would like adding, please let us know and we will update the site. 

Q. I am frightened about giving my Credit Card via the Internet - it it secure? 

A. Yes, you are very safe using your Credit Card with this site, all transactions are handled via SagePay  no credit card details are held by The Design Station Ltd, the only records kept are your order details and contact details, just incase we need to contact you regarding your order. 
Q. You don't have what I am looking for? 

A. Please contact us with details of yor requirements - and we will do our best to locate suitable artwork, or even to draw it ourselves.
Q. I need my order ASAP as I have left it a bit late - can you do this?
A. Yes, with our Express Engraving Service we can dispatch orders within 2-3 days and also have various delivery methods available. A Pre-paid Courier door to door service is now also available for orders Worldwide, and is not too expensive.
Q. Why are the seals so expensive?
A. This is not a mass production product - each seal is individually engraved, and can take anything up to 20mins to engrave, as the laser will repeatedly burn the design until the required depth is reached. This process is more expensive than normal engraving, the machines used to engrave the coins cost well over £45,000. The handles are also indivually hand finished - this all takes time and labor and adds to the cost. Family Crest designs can also take between 30 - 60 mins to produce the artwork to the precision quality required for engraving.