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Handmade Peel n' Stick Wax Seal Stickers  - made with realing sealing wax.

Our Handmade peel n stick wax seal stickers are individually made using our Laser engraved wax seal stamps engraved with your own custom design or logo, we can make them in virtually any colour.  Please be aware that colours will look totally different when created in Plain or Pearl sealing wax.   We use our own special blend of sealing wax to create a flexible wax seal sticker.  
While our peel n sticks are made from our own blend of wax which is strengthened for postal purposes,  to guarantee your seals are not damaged during mailing we recommend proctecting the seal in an outer envelope.  Sorting machinery at Postal Depots may damage the wax seals

handmade-peel-n-stick-wax-seal-stickers-duck-and-waffle-restaurant-heron-tower.jpg royal-blue-handmade-wax-seal-stickers.jpg crown-design-handmade-peel-n-stick-wax-seal-stickers.jpg wax-seal-stickers-purple-peel-n-stick-wax-seals.jpg

Traditional Red /  Royal Blue Plain / Traditional Red /  Plain Purple 

wax-seal-stickers-black-peel-n-stick-wax-seals.jpg wax-seal-stickers-red-initials-monogram-peel-n-stick-wax-seals.jpg handmade-peel-n-stick-wax-seal-stickers-in-traditional-red.jpg wax-seal-stickers-orange-peel-n-stick-wax-seals.jpg

 Black (plain only) -  Traditional Red Pearl -  Traditional Red - Hot Orange plain 

handmade-wax-seal-stickers-pearl-brown.jpg self-adhesive-wax-seal-stickers-traditional-red-knights-castle.jpg peel-n-stick-wax-seal-self-adhesive-seals-blue-stars.jpg wax-seal-stickers-green-peel-n-stick.jpg

 Pearl Brown - Traditional Red - Pearl Sky Blue - Dark Green plain 

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