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Our British Sealing Wax range includes .......

Waterstons Traditional Style Wick Sealing Wax made in Scotland, Waterstons have been creating sealing wax for over 300 years, it is now available in a wide range of colours, a High Quality Scottish Sealing Wax sticks with a taper/wick throughout the length of wax. With good adhesive quality, this wax is ideal for the individual user and corporate projects. Each stick will do approx 8 seals (based on 22mm seal) or 4-5 seals (based on 25mm seal ) and has a taper/wick. Overal length approx 10cm. For larger projects sticks can be melted in a melting pot.  
Glue Gun Sealing Wax - flexible sealing wax available in a range of colours and two sizes (8mm and 11mm), glue guns are also available (UK plug fitted only). Each stick 8mm will make approx 2-4 seals from 22mm size stamp.
Blended Sealing Wax Blocks (limited supply) - genuine sealing wax with a flexible agent added.  We recommend using a Ranger melting pot with this type of sealing wax, and spooning onto your project.
NEW ! Sealing Wax Beads handmade in Britain -  available in small bottles of approximately 50 beads or an organza bag of 50, 100 or 150 beads, perfect as a gift accompaniment, melting spoon and candle recommended.  Handmade in Britain.
NEW - Bottle Sealing Wax - colour mixed to order, available in a range of plain, pearl and shimmer wax colours - if you are looking for a specific colour please let us know.

 For making your own self adhesive wax seal impressions, we also stock our own double sided tissue adhesive tabs, available in four sizes 22mm, 26mm, 30mm  and our new 35mm (approx), for the adventurous who wish to make their own peel n stick wax seal impressions, use of a silicon mat is also recommended.
We recommend you test sealing wax on your product to ensure it is suitable, as some strong colours may bleed depending on the application.
All Sealing Wax sold by The Design Station Ltd is made in the UK