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Self Adhesive Peel n stick wax seal impressions - The following designs are all available with no setup fee (no wax seal stamp is supplied with this option)

Each wax seal impression is individually handmade on our own premises, from laser engraved the design on the stramp head ~ to creating a wax impression which is individual in shape, size and colour.

We are excited to be able to offer our impressions in two flexibility styles

Semi - Flexible ( stronger than traditional sealing wax but still breakable)
Flexible - Totally flexible, and suitable for most applications, and will not crack or break - Practically Postal Proof !

All our seals are created from our new sealing wax recipe which allows us to create the flexibilty you require to get through todays modern postal system.  They come complete with a double sided tissue tape adhesive tape, which will stick to 98% of all dry surfaces, including glass.  

Our seals are perfect for use not only on envelopes, wedding and party invitations,Christmas cards, but also on any project or packaging to enhance the visual appearance.