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Silicon Mat - Various Colours

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SILICON MAT - Various colours

The perfect solution for ensuring that your documents and invitations stay exactly where you place them and any accidental dribbles of hot sealing wax can be re-used instead of thrown away.

The silicon mat is also perfect for making your wax seal impressions in advance and sticking to your project with either glue or our tissue thin peel-off double sided sticky tabs.

See our 'tips and tricks' page for instructions.

SIZE 40.50 x 28.5cm (16" x 11 1/4")

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Better than others
Written by Lez on 24th Apr 2016

Thicker non slip mat. I did think that it would be a good surface to put your paper on that you are writing for a soft surface. Then as a soft cushion when wax sealing. I've seen others that were flimsy and thin. Good for protecting surfaces and collecting any spills. Recommended

Written by Bev on 8th Mar 2015

It's nice to have good tools. This is a simple concept, but well worth having when one is doing multiple seals.

Written by Yasmin on 10th Nov 2014

The mat is really helpful! Thanks

Very good
Written by Ian on 14th Jul 2014

Excellent product. I had thought of using one I already have for baking but glad I didn't. Buy one just for the wax as it does mark (we used black wax so maybe that's why). Highly recommended.

Written by undefined on 21st Feb 2014

Great for batch production or making sure you don't waste any wax (I re-melt bad seals in a melting spoon) and these are pretty cheap for silicon mats. They're smooth too (most of the ones I've seen are textured), so your seals will be nice and flat for attaching the adhesive dots.

Just right
Written by Valerie Boxley on 24th May 2013

Perfect for making wax seals that peel off accurately and without breaking

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