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Wax Melting Spoon, Rosewood and Brass 2.5ml

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Handmade Rosewood and Brass Sealing Wax Melting Spoon, approx 2.5ml, for use with Sealing Wax Beads, Melting Pot and moulton wax.

Suitable for use with 22mm and 25mm wax seals

After endless searching to find a quality product worthy of our store, we came to the conclusion that such a product did not exist, so we designed our own !

This is a Sturdy spoon that will not bend or melt when heated, long enough not to burn your fingers.... size approx 14cm long (5.5 inches), weight 34g, approx volume 2.5mm.  Made from Solid Brass and Rosewood.


This product is 'exclusive' to The Design Station Ltd. 

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Great Spoon!
Written by undefined on 7th Nov 2017

Spoon looked great and a good price until P&P and VAT were added. Works beautifully. Worth every penny? ...so far it's worth most of them. In fairness it will probably pay for itself over time - and I couldn't find one online that looked better quality.

Can't ask for more
Written by Tom on 26th Sep 2017

I spent a bit of time looking around for something that I thought would be suitable. There were lots of very very cheap ones that look similar, but after reading a few reviews they generally sounded low quality, with issues such as bending due to the heat etc. There were others that were just far too big for my needs. This seems perfect and I have used it a number of times now. The lips for pouring are a great touch, and of course the wood handle doesn't get hot as you hold it. Can't fault this. After use I give it a wipe to get the candle soot and wax off (do it as soon as possible after pouring the wax out for easiest cleaning).

Written by Michael on 10th May 2015

This melting spoon is exactly what I've been looking for. Makes sealing quicker and easier and is a must have for any wax sealing fans!

Starring Role
Written by Helen on 10th Feb 2015

This spoon looks and acts just the part on stage in our production of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia.

Wax Melting spoon
Written by J Raul Sanchez on 4th May 2014

The use of this spoon saves the amount of wax I use!! This a need to have!!!

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